About Us...

Fort Wapenka

Our family ranch Gallop was established in 1990. We go into tourism on horseback in western style.
If you tempt for active holiday and you are thinking how to spend your free time - holiday in the saddle could be perfect solution for you. There is possibility of shorter or longer trips according to your riding experience and abilities.

Beautiful countryside – Náchodsko (Castle in Náchod, Peklo - Hell, Dobrošov,..), Polish border, Kladské pomezí, Eagle Mountains, Broumovsko, Adrspach and Teplice Rockies, Jiráskovy skály, Jestřebí hory, Hvězda, Ostaš, Machov, … and rides through this delightful landscape will certainly leave in you pleasant memories and will bring you exceptional and unforgetable experience

(see "RIDES, TRIPS").
One of our hobbies are north American Indians and their life (see "INDIAN HOBBY").
We make by ourselves own western saddles, saddle-bags, chaps and other things which are essential for western riding (see "SADDLES").
We built new Western Ranch „Fort Wapenka“ in small village called Vápenka - it is yard of blockhouses (see "WESTERN RANCH").

Where you will find us...

Europe - Czech Republic - Eastern Bohemia - Malé Poříčí (Náchod), Vápenka (Stárkov)
Route: Prague > Hradec Králové > Náchod > Malé Poříčí > Hronov > Stárkov > Vápenka.
(we can pick you up in Náchod which is situated approx. 5 km far from our ranch).
For owners of GPS device there are to disposal coordinates: 50°32'26.113"N, 16°7'38.532"E and for everyone else there is a MAP.

Our motto...

Maybe you have already heard it and it is certainly not original but for sure it is absolutely apposite and still valid:

“The most beautiful view on the world is from the horseback.”